Help with culling level. (Optimization)

Hi, I want to optimize my level a little bit, because Im starting to have too many acotrs on scene.

My level is quite different, I understand the Culling volumes hide objects within a distance, and size but This is not what I want to do.
My level is a building, let’s say the building has 5 floors, so when I enter floor #3 every object or static mesh on floor 12,4 & 5 will be hided or removed. If I enter on floor #2, then objects from 1,3,4 & 5 will be removed or hided. ¿How can I achieve this?


You can do this with Level Streaming by having each floor on it’s own level. You can setup a trigger on overlap so that it loads and unloads levels.

Also see the examples setup in our Content Examples project available in the Learn tab of the Launcher.

You can find it in Open Level > Level Streaming map

I hope this helps.


Streaming levels did it. Thanks so much