Help with creating a plugin. Is it possible to create a plugin that contains BP & C++?

Hi, I want to create a plugin that contains both C++ files AND blueprints that use said C++ files.
Is this possible? because when I go to create a plugin inside UE4, you can only select/create either one, not both.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve “fixed” my issue. I just didn’t understand how plugins work. I understand now and have it working. :slight_smile: thanks anyway.

… care to explain? :smiley:

When creating a plugin, select “blueprint library” I think it’s called, the one which allows function libraries. Once created, you will see two new folders appear. 1 called ‘[plugin name] Content’, this is where all of the blueprints go. 2 called ‘[plugin name] C++’ I think (I’m going by memory). This folder is where you add all of the C++ classes. You may have to enable visibility of these folders for them to show up by messing around in the ‘view options’ box in the bottom right of the content browser I think.