Help with car physics

Hello UE Community! I have a problem with the car physics. I am working on my first game, a drag racing game, however I have a problem making the car go completely straight. I’ve made a small landscape with a road texture, and while I drive, the car will go a bit to the right, or to the left. A different car I have goes left, another one goes to the right. I think this must be from the physics asset, the box being created for the collision, but I am not sure how to get past this problem. I didn’t actually move the collision box the engine created by itself, just moved it a little upwards. I tried increasing the tire friction, adding more weight etc, but still the cars will not go completely straight. Does anybody have any idea how to get past this problem?

EDIT: I finally found it! and it was extremely easy. In physics asset, in the body, I set “Angular Damping” to 10000, problem fixed. I can’t believe I spent 5 hours yesterday just for this.