help with Booleans in blueprints

Been having issues with some Boolean variables, pretty new to blueprints. This will eventually be the premise for a wall-running mechanic.
But what I’m trying to do here is to play a sound only if the player char pressed jump while within a collision/trigger box.
Any Help?

the upload to forum creates way too small image, please use other image share site for linking blueprint screencap.

So, what seams to be the problem? The booleans variables seams ok to me.

it doesn’t play the sound when I jump inside the collision :frowning:

Probably because the collision event only fires once.
Just create another variable for collision and set it to true when collisions happens. Then add a Event tick testing for those two variables. :wink:

I havent tried your suggestion yet but thanks for the reply. I got a feeling however it was a probelm with the boolean variable because it never showed them changing in the simulation.

You have nothing telling the game to turn off the jumping after you press it the first time from what I’m seeing, so that will cause some problems.
Also, use Event Tick sparingly, only in situations where you NEED to update every tick, as opposed to when something has updated.

I personally put my checks inside of custom events and call those functions within anything that updates something that needs to be checked by that function.

As far as seeing the lines light up when simulating, did you set the debug filter to your ingame instance of the BP after playing? That is the grey box in the top middle of your screenshot that says “no debug object selected”. Middle of the top toolbar. That drop down list should have at least 1 thing in it when you play your project.

I need this to turn jump on only when your inside of the collision so it can play the sound. Am I going about this the wrong way? Its eventually going to be the premise for a wall-running mechanic, but i needed to know if the collision could detect the jump first

Look here:

thanks for link