Help with Blueprints

Hi, I am a complete beginner when it comes to Blueprints, so please bare with me. I am modeling a hotel with 60 rooms, 3 floors for a client. I need each room door to open automatically when I approach each door and then close afterwards.
Some doors are single, but there are also double doors for the large lounge and entrance doors. I have looked up ways to create Blueprints to open a door and followed a tutorial where I used Matinee to sequence a door opening with a box trigger blueprint.

It works great, I approach the door, the box triggers the door open and it closes. But I have 59 other doors I need to apply this blueprint and matinee to.

What is the best workflow for this?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

try using timeline to set you rotation, rather than matinee.

Create an actor blueprint containing your object and blueprint action, and place instances of it in your level. Take a look at this video:

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

Hi, I have many doors, which have different rotations, some open inward, some open outward. If I make a Master door blueprint Class with the script for opening and closing door, then make Child Blueprint classes of that blueprint for other doors, how do I change the rotation for different doors in the child blueprints? I need the option to change each doors rotation without effecting the master blueprint. I dont know if this makes sense.