Help with blueprint/trigger events

Hello… I hope I’m posting this on the right place.

I’m developing a game, and having difficulty understanding how to set up a trigger event for a light source. I’ve got a maze setup in complete darkness, the only light available coming from my character.
What I am trying to accomplish is that once the character reaches the end of the maze, I plan to set up a trigger for multiple events, such as turning on all light sources throughout the maze, as well as releasing enemy AI boys.
I’m taking it one step at a time, so my main focus right now is setting up the light trigger.
I had a volume trigger set to toggle the visibility of the light (render visibility), but when the character hits said trigger, the light doesn’t turn on. I have the brightness of the point light at 5000, so that should be bright enough to visibly see if it turns on, but still nothing happens. The visibility DOES in fact change when the character reaches the trigger, but still no light comes from the point light. I’m also using third person game setup, so, I’m not sure what exactly I’m missing or.doing wrong? Any advice would greatly be appreciated!!!

Update: got it figured out. Thanks.

It sounds reasonable, but I think it would be easier to help if we could see the BPs. You checked the light is coming on with a print?