Help with BindAction()

if (bPressedSquat)
DesiredAnimation = SquatAnimation;

	else {
		DesiredAnimation = (PlayerSpeed > 0.0f) ? RunningAnimation : IdleAnimation;


// Input

void AdicksCharacter::SetupPlayerInputComponent(class UInputComponent* InputComponent)
	// Note: the 'Jump' action and the 'MoveRight' axis are bound to actual keys/buttons/sticks in DefaultInput.ini (editable from Project Settings..Input)
	InputComponent->BindAction("Jump", IE_Pressed, this, &ACharacter::Jump);
	InputComponent->BindAction("Jump", IE_Released, this, &ACharacter::StopJumping);
	InputComponent->BindAxis("MoveRight", this, &AdicksCharacter::MoveRight);
	InputComponent->BindAction("Squat", IE_Pressed, this, &AdicksCharacter::Squat);
	InputComponent->BindAction("Squat", IE_Released, this, &AdicksCharacter::StopSquat);


void AdicksCharacter::Squat()
	bPressedSquat = true;

void AdicksCharacter::StopSquat()
	bPressedSquat = false;

I pretty much followed a tutorial line for line, but the character won’t squat when I press the button mapped to “Squat” what am I doing wrong? I’m using 4.7.6

Your code looks alright to me, maybe the bug is somewhere else. How do you use bPressedSquat? AnimBlueprint?