Help with Basic Cube Movement/Animation

Hi all,

Whenever I’ve posted on these forums I never get a response… I don’t know why, but hopefully someone will actually see this for a change and offer some help.

I’ve created 8 different animations in Blender and have imported them into UE4 along with my player cube. I’ve set-up the movement so the cube moves backwards, forwards, left and right using the WASD keys. Now, I’d like to actually use the animations I made in Blender.
I thought it was as simple as: “When player presses W, move player forward and play forward animation”, but that apparently is too difficult to implement. I’ve read the UE4 documentation and the result is that my cube is spinning to the right even when I’m not even pressing anything.
Has anyone gone through a similar exercise? Are there any decent tutorials that show what I’m trying to achieve? I thought I’d start simple, but I feel like I’ve lost 5 hours trying to get my head around this…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What you need is an animation blueprint. Here is some documation If you need any help with it feel free to ask me.

I would recommend you start with a template like the Thirdperson template and look at the movement code and animation blueprint. This will help you understand how things are generally setup.