Help with basic animation play/rewind

I have something which to me seems like a pretty braindead straightforward thing to be able to do, but I cannot seem to get it to work.

I have a character with a mocap animation (in this test I am just using the mocap from the Composure tutorial), and I just want the animation to play when the game is started, and play in reverse when an input is used (for the test, I have mapped F to reverse). No matter what, the animation keeps playing and never reverses, and I have tried using an animation montage, adding stops, using an animation blueprint and enabling the animation instance class on start and deselecting the animation instance class when input is received. I also tried using a timeline but I can’t seem to get the mocap animation into the timeline.

Like I said, this seems like it should be fairly straightforward, so I guess I must be missing something obvious. The image is just one of many setups I have tried.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve dug into this a bit more, so I thought I would add some info to hopefully get a response.

I’ve set up an animation Blueprint, and I noticed that in it I can set the Play rate to 1 or 0 and they will act accordingly in the preview window. However, anything else, like .5 or -1, doesn’t seem to do anything.

Through another tutorial I saw setting up a function to change the play rate. I think I have that set up correctly too, but no dice, doesn’t work.

Is this possibly due to the data type or something? Or am I just missing something? Any assistance at all would be appreciated.