Help with Advanced Vehicle Template physics and settings

So i have ramp (like in the photo)
I have default Advanced vehicle map, only added that ramp 3D model. So its straight line after that is my ramp. And my car accelerates to 60 km/h at straight line, when it reaches start of the ramp it falls down to 40 km/h (i can post video later if you dont understand what i mean). I have tried making ramp more gradual, but still. Also i tried scaling it up, which makes it little bit easier to climb. But still not enough. My car weight is 3000, but cant make it much lower since it starts flying like crazy man otherwise. Also adding more torque donĀ“t seem to work neither. Or i change wrong variables :stuck_out_tongue: (torque curve and RPM). I want to achieve something like in Trials: Trials Fusion Game Play Crazy Bike Stunts Training Program - YouTube
(Also i do have a air control BP)
So finally my point,
how would i be able to achieve physics and settings like in Trials but with 4 wheeled car. Or is it even possible with current Engine?

Thanks for help