help with actor heirarchy and references

How can I get a reference to a class from a child actor class, so I can communicate between them?

For example, I have a ControlPanel blueprint, and a switch blueprint. I have dragged the switch blueprint into the control panel blueprint, and the switch blueprint toggles a little local transform on itself when mouse clicked, to simulate being pushed. At the same time, I want to send a message to a class interface saying that something has happened, so all control panel classes which implement that interface can respond. So, I created a Blueprint Instance, which my control panel implements, and I set up an onActivated function in the interface, and the control panel implements itself lighting up. However, in the switch eventGraph for onClicked, I do not have a reference to the control panel, so I am unable to invoke the interface function… I am able to see the interface function for calling, but I am just not able to supply it a reference… help!

I have tried to do similar with Direct Communication as well as Event Dispatchers, but in both cases i am unable to get a reference to the receiving class/instance within the sender, and I have been unable to put a reference into a variable in it since it is a child actor and I cant seem to modify child actor variables in the parent constructor :confused:

I am getting pretty confused now so if anyone can straighten this out I’d be very grateful.