Help! Weird Physics, ball bury itself

I’m having this problem:

(to make the slow motion i used a global time dilation, not video edit)

With this projectile (that is a ball):

We can see in the video, the ball bury itrself a little in the ground and stops or rebound a bit.
Except when it is in slow motion, the ball doesn’t bury itrself and rebound (as it should happen in fast motion).

Why this hapens? Looks like the ball is more rigid when is in slow motion, and more soft when is in fast motion. Is this some kind of bug?
I dont want the ball to bury itself.

Cant somebody help?

(Let me know if you need more information about the projectile)

I am no expert, so feel free to laugh me out of here, but try playing with collision settings. Also, I am not sure if that red sphere is a ‘capsule’ or bounds: try adding a capsule and use its collision and not the meshes collision. I’ve had issues with characters “sticking” and it was as simple as collison. Also try turning on Substepping in Project settings (try this first maybe, since it does not require touching other settings). This helped with my rolling physics meshes (cans, barrels).

Well, I would never laugh at you because I’m a noob :wink:
But your tip of turning on Substepping just worked :smiley: Thanks.

Good! :slight_smile:
Glad to help