help!!! vrgame directshow on the display not the oculus mode


usually,when we start vrgame ,it shows pic 1 in the display and pic 2 in the oculus rift

but how can we change it to 3 and 2

i want normal mode not the oculus mode in the display

You want to use ‘hmd mirror mode 2’ in the console, which will change the rendering in the viewport to an undistored monocular image.

‘hmd mirror 1920x1080’ should change the mirrored window’s size to HD, but I have a feeling this isn’t working 100% at the moment. (At least in my tests via VR Preview mode it always seems to render at a much lower resolution)

Crow87 it’s re-using the stereo buffers that are being sent to the VR device, not rendering a new view.

I appreciate that, I’m just showing OP how he gets what he’s asking for. :slight_smile: