HELP!! Vehicle not moving

I am currently having issue with my vehicle character. The vehicle is not moving at all even though I followed several video tutorial on the internet.
Here is how I set up the hierarchy and the joints. Joints from wheel are parents to the master joint in the centre of the car (bj). Joints are all skin into wheel geometry by using smooth bind.

Here is setting of FBX export. I have make sure that the Axis Conversion is set to Z up.


Here is the set up of importing the skeletal mesh into unreal 4.8.3

Here is the Physics Assets in unreal. I have deleted all collision box and create new box for body and sphere for wheel.

Here is the input setting and vehicle BP


Here is the setting for wheel under vehicle BP/ vehicle movement and the wheel BP. There are only 3 wheels so I set ‘none’ for the last one.

Here is the video of how it behaves in the game. Its moving due to the sphere wheel collision box but not my input. It is not moving when I press ‘W’ for move forward.

I have no idea why its not moving!!! Can someone please help me with this issue???