Help! unreal only importing the APEX clothing component of a mesh how do I fix it?

Hello everyone thanks in advance to anyone reading this. First let me tell you english is not my first language so im sorry if my explaination turns misleading at some point. My problem is I made a curtain that consist of three object in 3ds max one is the mesh of the curtain and the other one is the mesh of a horizontal pole from where the curtain hangs and the last one is a bone that is skinned to the curtain, i applied the apex cloth modifier to the curtain and then exported just the curtain as a .apx file, then also exported the whole scene as an .fbx(the curtain, the pole and the bone) Now heres the problem when i import the .fbx to unreal(I make sure that imports as skeletal mesh) only the part that has the apex modifier is being imported that being the curtain, its not importing the pole why is this happening? the clothing seems to work i applied it to the mesh and it does wave when wind is blowing but i want it to import with the pole not just the curtain (I also cheked that the .fbx indeed contains the 3 objects when i open in 3dsmax so i dont know why unreal only imports the curtain)