Help Unreal Engine Introduction's Book Happen!

Game Developement Book Needs Your Help To Get Released!
The Book Has Started His Campaign , By : Ikram , algerian game developer " Girl " Used To Work For A Large Gaming Company Such As FRV Games , as we see in the description she’ll use Ue4 As A First Engine & OverViews On Unity3d & Construct 2 :slight_smile:

Hope we’ll help her cuz as i see she’s motivated at this periode of time & if the campaign failed i think she’ll get a really big frustration :rolleyes:

Howdy Pedro9,

I am going to close this post due to the fact that you have already had a similar thread posted in the Content and Tutorials section of our forums. That post can be found here: Help Unreal Engine Introduction's Book Happen! - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums!

Thanks and have a great day!