Help to Set Vehicle Mass in realtime (almost working)

Hello, i need help to Set Vehicle Mass in realtime, the problem is that Inertia Tensor Scale increases with new Mass Value and does not reset back.


#include "SalkiGame.h"
#include "SalkiVehicleMovementComponent4W.h"


USalkiVehicleMovementComponent4W::USalkiVehicleMovementComponent4W(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer) : Super(ObjectInitializer)

void USalkiVehicleMovementComponent4W::SetVehicleMass(float newMass, FVector newInertiaTensorScale)
	Mass = newMass; //set new mass value
	FixupSkeletalMesh(); //Not sure if it is doing something
	SetupVehicleMass(); // Updates the VehiclePhysX with new Mass but Ruins Inertia Tensor Scale
	InertiaTensorScale = newInertiaTensorScale; // Doing Nothing
	//SetupVehicle(); // - Ruin all Vehicle PhysX
	UE_LOG(SalkiVehicleMovementComponent4W_Log, Warning, TEXT("InertiaTenzor = %f"), InertiaTensorScale.X);