help to find the right software

I need help to find the right program for character and cloths creation
any help is appreciated

-create characters and cloths in a 3d program -> blender, 3ds max, maya :slight_smile:
-use apex for realistic cloth behaviour -> (very basic tutorial)

Blender is really nice if you are on a tight budget.
I personally use Maya for most of my modeling, but is pretty expensive, however, its free if you are a student. Maya is pretty easy to learn and work with from my experience. If you are a less technical and more artistic program, you could try using ZBrush for making your models, then port them into a program like Maya or 3ds max.

as for learning how to use these programs, there are some pretty nice tutorials on youtube, or you could try a website like (not free) for more professional training.
I wish you luck with what ever project you are working on :slight_smile:

I agree Maya is easy to pick up, & lots of resource on the net. Its free for non commercial use if you are a student (or find someone who is a student to reg…). Doesn’t matter as long as you do not use it to release commercial software.

If you need to create released games or sell your 3D work, you got to get commercial version.

In any case, you can try any software (most have at least free trial period) & see which one you are more comfy with.