Help to diagnose landscape issue.

Please help to diagnose when starting to paint third layer then material collapses and replaces landscape with default grey material.

NB: Quixel textures has been stripped from archive.

Missing assets on content. Check third layer(Old tracks) Texture Objects.


Debug landscape paint

  1. ViewMode Landscape Layer Debug

  1. Set Layer Info Debug RGB

Layer debug shows that painting works but in normal mode third layer has destroyed all layers by filling it with default grey. Assets are intentionally missing in forum upload like i said in first post.
1: Layerinfo shows OK 2: normal mode, layers fail because of third layer 3: cleared third layer then first two layers work.

sounds like you need to set your samplers to shared wrap.
for landscape materials (or any multilayer material really), use Shared Wrap.
it’s designed to overcome this exact problem where more than 3-4 textures are occupying the same location

" The only reason we didn’t make Shared: wrap the default was to avoid breaking existing materials. There’s no downside to using shared samplers if the settings match what you want, only upsides." - Daniel Wright‏, Sr Graphics programmer, Epic games.

Thanks, it was the cause.