help to beginner for lighting?

hello everyone im making my very first project ( scene creator ) everything going slowly but im learning while i creating something .everything was going great until lighting . i making underwater scene ,using light sources for main ,directional light for water caustics ,skylight ,post proces for screen shake ( i dont know how to explain but its looking like im in water with that ) and finaly e.h. fog .it was realy hard to combined all of them but i think i did good for my level .
my main problem is ; its like im holding lantern in my hand all the time . when i go close range to any object i cant even see details everything gettings incredible brights . shortly im a walking lighthouse please help me


Maybe it’s your auto exposure (I’m not fully understand the problem but trying! ;))…
if so: you can go to your PostProcessVolume and set both min/max to the same (or with smaller difference)…

you are life saver .thanks a lot sir

Did you use any importance volumes or portals?
Directional light for water caustics is probably contributing to the brightness of objects when near them. It may not be the source of the lantern effect in simulation / playing, but it is probably intensifying it due to the ‘back-scatter’ or bouncing of light from the directional. Turning down the intensity of directional, and perhaps its distance / range might improve things too.