Help to a Newbie

Hello everyone.

I am a 20 years old Informatics Engineer student whose dream has always been to make a game.
My problem is that I’ve never touched a Game Engine or got seriously into trying to make one because I am kinda lost so I hope someone can help me get started.

I just have some questions like:

¿Which talents requires a game to be developed? (animators, modelers, programmers, etc).

And my most important questions is: How is the game itself made? I mean, in most of the YouTube videos I’ve seen is people just doing graphical stuff like levels and stuff, but how is it linked to the programming later? how is the game GUI made? is the programming part made in UE itself or in other IDE?

Sorry if these questions sounds very noob but that’s what I am at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

If there are any tutorials for people like me that give me a path to follow since the beggining I’d be very thankful.

Regards and thanks

welcome to the forum and UE4:).

as well as those 3 you also need a texture artist, level designer and someone to do sounds, although you can learn all that solo and it should be enough to make a game unless you want to make a big game then you would probably need more people like game designers/UI designers…ect.

well I am not a programmer or very good at explaining this type of thing but there are other people that can explain how it works but there are videos that can give you a good idea like the ones in this thread, there is also a lot of free samples/examples you can download and take apart to see how they work and the Unreal Engine youtube channel with videos showing haw to do a lot of it.

both, with UE4 you have 2 options, blueprints or C++, for C++ you need visual studio and blueprints are an in editor visual node based type of programming.

hope that helps:).

Even few days ago, I used to think that I’ve to learn C++ and compile thousand of lines to make the condition of the game unless latter I found that there’s alternative that is visual scripting also called Blueprints in unreal 4, it’s like in past u had to deal with machine language that high level languages made it easy . Though visual scripting is not so easy to learn but not so much hard either and need the vast knowledge and cumbersome of a high level programming language like c++.

As others will en-light you but let me tell you, if you going alone and try to make a whole by urself, NOT learning something specific and join a game making company, there are alot assets already there you don’t need to ‘do it all’ yourself, get makehuman generate human meshes (kids even can do that) get animation pack (free from epic) cast those to the humans (not so hard, mostly automated) now you need to add logic, you have to get your feet wet, tutorial are all over, go slow try to make a easy game. Then as you keep going you get your feet wet on mesh design and animation.

Thanks both for your replies ^^

With which part would you recommend to start with? With graphical stuff like making levels, programming, animating, etc. Which tutorials would be good to start with?

Start with Blueprint. Pick a game type - first person/third person etc. Try adding something to the level - like a barrel. Then try adding something to a Blueprint - like log output “Hello World”. Then hit the barrel with your body and Blueprint out something like “I hit a barrel” to screen. Get a feel for that and see if you like it. Then I suggest you look at Blender and Adobe Creative Cloud. Try importing a texture and put it on your floor. Grab a model from Blender and import it into UE4. Google up any questions about how to do these things and you will get answers. When I work out (treadmill) I watch every video the Unreal puts out. I only watch tuts though on stuff I need to learn as too much information is both a good and bad thing. The whole bit about making games is over coming problems and solving them. Challenge yourself and don’t expect anyone to do anything for you. If your lucky and respectful people will answer questions and give you good advise. If you like doing the stuff I suggested and you want to do a game - storyboard. Write down your goals and stick figure out how your game will be played. Write down all your UI screens. Then make that reality that you envision come to life through very hard work. At least that is my take and all of that is way easier by surrounding with people that are better than you at any of it (If you are lucky enough to have a team). Good luck.