Help, SunSky Actor with UI Widget?

Hey all,
First post here and still a bit new to Blueprints. I’m wondering if there is a way to control parts of the SunSky actor, in 4.26, through slider widgets?

There’s an older video about the topic of making a simple sun slider, but I’m not able to adapt it to the new SunSky actor. I’m simply trying to control solar time with a slider widget. I’ve also seen all the comment fields where they point to each variable in the SunSky widget.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

First get it from the scene On Begin Play, then set SolarTime directly from the slider value changed event.

CheckValidityAndPrintResult is literally just an IsValid check + a print string to indicate if it’s valid or not.

I recapture sky on the skylight because the look of my scene depends on the skylight, yours may not. It’s not required to change solar time.