Help! Spotlights are born sideways and rotating objects makes the editor loco


I am encountering a very strange bug. Unfortunately it seems to effectively kills an entire project.
The symptoms are: Spotlights are created in a rotated state. Rotating them “back” doesnt help.
Also meshes dont take too kindly on rotation either.
It seems that somehow they move in their local axis frame of reference with input from the widget…
Strange to explain, thats why I have made a short video of my expierience:

Its a small, just for learning purposes, project. I try to recreate the first level(s) of my favorite FPS game :slight_smile:

It seems that happens to a project as soon as you rotate anything" in the level at any point.
From then on afterwards, pointlights are created wrong, etc…

Has anyone else expierienced ?


Hey , I have seen something similar in one of my projects as well, was your project updated from version 4.4 to 4.5? That seemed to be what caused for me…

Could you please add a bug report on AnswerHub with the details (and video) on ? Epic will be able to troubleshoot for you, and since it definitely looks like a bug, hopefully get it fixed asap. When you have leave a link here to your post as well for reference.

Make sure to add the details requested here as well. Thank you!

Hi ,

The project was created from scratch in 4.51
Also no assets were migrated from any other project. It was created without sterter content as well.

Ill make a bug report now and post the link once its done.
Thanks again.



I have submitted a bug report on AnserHub:

I hope anyone can figure out what is going wrong…