Help! Setting up Blend Spaces in Child Characters

Firstly, apologies if I’ve got any terminology that’s wrong, this is my first time building an indepth character system.

I’m building a Player Character base / archetype BP, with the aim of creating a suite of Player Characters from this, each with their own mesh and appropriate anim varants, such as walk cycles, gun fire & reloading anims etc.

And it’s setting up those anim variants that is causing a headache. I know how to add anims as variables to the Character BP then propagate them to the Anim BP, but I don’t know how to turn those variables into Poses that can be used in the State Machines, including how to create some kind of blank Blendspace pose that has appropriate inputs for any of the movement Blendspaces that will be plugged in to them.

Does anyone know how best to handle this, or have any links to good tutorials on the topic?