Help Selecting/Manipulating Specific Character from a Shared Character Blueprint

What’s up, everyone. Here’s what’s puzzling me:

I have a character blueprint. I have three “instances” of that blueprint in my scene.

How do I select a specific “instance” and then, for example, change one of the blueprint’s variables with respect to that one instance?

Thanks so much.

Change them ahead of game start or while playing? There are many ways to organize your game depending on your needs to access objects quickly, you could have them in a Map with names for example. For the most basic way you could get all objects of class and then find the one you want. Or theres an of class matching tag version where you can use tags on objects probably set in the editor.

With that, I figured it out. . .

Create a series-of-items array. Using “context selection,” click on the specific scene instance for which you want to change any variables, and then reference the selected item and connect the item to index “0” in the array. Once done, do the same for any other items of that class in your scene for which you’d like to make specific changes. Any variables to be changed require the appropriate targeting. The code works itself out nicely from there.

I’ve included an example below. For my own purposes, I will add twenty items to this array, setting a different “Heads Selection” integer for each. Later, I’ll do skin color. It’s a weird project, I know. But someone may be able to use this for a variety of other applications.

Enjoy and thank you.