[HELP] Rotating wrong direction.

Hi there,

So I have a timeline that starts on play and rotates 360 degrees, autoplay, looping. I then have an event then will cause this timeline to stop, set a stopped rotation by getting actor rotation, then move to a new timeline that is set to use the stopped rot and move to a target rot.

The problem is, when it stops in a Positive value it rotates backwards, if it stops at a negative value it rotates the direction I want. Or, I should say postive stop rotates counter clockwise to the target rot, and the negative stop rotates clockwise to the target rot.

How can I force it to always rotate clockwise to the targetrot no matter what the value of the stopped rot is?

Anyone have some pointers on this? The thing keeps taking the shortest path for some reason and going reverse. I have tried all sorts of things to try and force it to not do that.