[HELP REQUESTED] Creating an interactive object

Hello Unreal Forum goers,

I am looking to make an educational game about electronics using the unreal engine. My plan is to either do a paper2D game (less system requirements) or a full 3D game, but in either case I wish for my players to be able to click on a component (resistor, switch, etc) and have it pop up in a 3D “focused” state where the player can click and drag on the outside of the component to rotate it in 3D space, and be able to click certain trigger points to activate a sequence. I am completely new to Unreal and have gone through several tutorials, but none seem to cover anything like what I described… I’m not asking for a handout, just to point me in the right direction or supply some reference links that I can use to achieve my desired outcome.

Thanks in advance!

-Jason (Daedalus)
Indie Game Developer (Personal)
Educational Content Developer (Corporate)