HELP REQUEST:AI Blueprints and everything inbetween

Hey guys! new to the UE4 blueprinting, i love the ability it provides, i love being able to visually see what I’m doin, I game from Unity Engine to UE4 for that reason

heres my issue: i been trying to learn how the blueprinting uses its logic, but i cannot seem to find much information on the creation of AI logic, when I try to use video tutorials they seem to be outdated and the cause and effect don’t seem to fall in line with whats actually goin on, (older versions im asssuming)

my main want is to know how to use the AI controls, For instance, theres call AI blocks you can use, like instead of using cast on pawn, theres AI specific ones what i would like to learn how to use them properly as i see them being very useful

and i would love to know how to use the AI crowd and how it is implimented.

and before you ask yes i know how to use C++ coming from unity, but i prefer the visual coding, if i wanted to use C++ i would go back to unity lol

thanks for your time!

Ps: i have never actually MADE a game, i would just code for fun, i like to learn stuff, and i had made a mod for Mount and blade awhile ago, and some minor game tweaks of my own on other games, so I do know how to code, just rusty as hell lol.

The best way to do AI in UE4 is behavior trees. Here is the documentation There is a quick start there that helped me get started on the AI.

thanks for the reply! but i’ve looked over all documentation, but nothing on the AI crowd feature, i watched a livestream where the trainer said it was the most amazing AI feature he’s used, but i cannot find any information or documentation on how its implemented.

thats mainly what i’m after, cause if it does what i want it to do, its perfect for what i want to do with my “concept” (saying that because haven’t started workin on it yet lol, just playing with the engine)

Look at this post. It has resources for crowd ai. How to create crowd in Unreal Engine - UE4 AnswerHub