Help Replication - Cient/Server RPC Calls

Hello, I’am new to replicating as I’am just implementing replication into my multiplayer game. Since I don’t like to type I have a youtube video which shows and explains the problem I’am having. I guess I’m not doing function replication correctly, it would be awesome if someone could help me fix this :wink:

Well there seems to be quite a few issues. The first thing I noticed is that you use “AI move to” on event tick. That means you will make the zombie start moving 60 times per second (assuming it runs on 60fps). That can cause problems. But related to your main issue right now, I suppose the function “Client” is supposed to run on a client, but you have selected “Run on server”. Even if you had selected “Run on client”, it still will not work, because the server needs to run that, and it only runs on remote(client). Also, there is no player controlling zombies, so using run on client is still useless. I think you are overcomplicating it. For the status whether he is alive or how much health the zombie has, you can simply make the variables replicated, and the server will do the work automatically.

so is there anyway to get this working even if the players don’t own zombies?

also i couldnt find a way to stop the zombie follow so event tick is my only option for right now.

I am pretty sure the is a command to abort the movement in case he lose the target etc, if that’s what you mean.