Help Recovering Project


I am not an Unreal user so my knowledge of how the engine works is limited, but my girlfriend has been working on a project in Unreal Engine for the past month. An hour ago her engine crashed and now she is unable to open her project. She did not read the crash report and is unsure when the last time she saved was. We live separately so I don’t have access to her computer.

How would she recover the most recent auto save? I did some googling and found info about how the engine autosaves and where it stores them but she is having no luck (she could be doing wrong, I am not with her). I am also currently downloading UE so I can look at how projects autosave for myself.

If you could help that would be wonderful! Thanks!

If the engine is crashing upon load, this is likely due to an Actor causing a crash, that is placed in the startup map. If she knows which actor is causing the crash, she can rename it in Explorer (So that it does not load properly when the default map is loaded), and then replace it with the autosave. Another way to load up the engine would be to rename the default map in Explorer, and then maybe try pinpointing the faulty file by loading up suspected Blueprints, and noting which one causes a crash on load.

I’m not the op, but I have a similar issue… project is lost :(. the first crash happened during deleting assets, then the project won’t load anymore. I tried deleting the newest assets from the content folder, but no use…
Why do we have saves every 10 mins when i can’t recover my project? any tip which could help me?

*edit: ok the problem is not just with the project, but with 4.16… all of the 4.16 projects crashes, 4.15 works ok.

after updating to 4.16.1 the project opens again with errors for all the deleted assets