Help: ragdolls don't like Set Location?

For certain attacks in my game, the enemy is programmed to track the player’s position and move to it using a VInterpTo and a Set Location node fired every tick (to allow air juggling).

This works fine, and the enemies lerp correctly to the desired location… But their partial ragdolls, which work so smoothly when they’re launched, jitter all over the place when their movement is determined by a simple Set Location.

I am working from the assumption, at this point, that UE attempts to use the known velocity/acceleration of the ragdoll component to help guide the ragdoll’s position every tick, and that because that information is not supplied (as the ragdoll doesn’t have a “speed” per se, just a constantly changing location) it can’t properly guess how to move the bones.

Is there anything I can do to make this work? Like some way to calculate and supply the desired velocity to the engine so it can do its ragdoll math properly?

EDIT: hopefully this video clip will demonstrate the issue.

In the beginning, you can see the ragdoll in effect when the enemy is moved with a “Launch” command; smooth and natural. Shortly after, I perform an air lift and you can see the enemy’s ragdoll try to track my position; it jitters and jumps all over the place, because rather than “moving” the enemy, I’m simply setting his location. How do I solve this?