[HELP] Packaging game and Unknown Cook Failure

Hi guys,

I am trying to package my game, it took half an hour but return with a “Unknown Cook Failure” error. I have attached the log file in here so please help me figuring out the bugging part.

Thanks a lot

Since it is quiet heavy I have to use Google Drive

You have a lot of errors in there and it looks like you sent the whole session log rather than just the build log.

I suggest clearing your output log before you initiate a package, then once it fails, filter by error and read through what went wrong. I saw a lot of errors related to sounds needing resaved and null values in references.

There was also an issue with the project being stored on Z drive - is this a network drive? If so I’d recommend working on the project locally. Use source control if you want to have your project backed up on a network drive.