HELP! Over 400 errors in VS after updating Visual Studio

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with this weird problem.
In short I got this flag message in Visual Studio with the notice to update Visual Studio.
After the update I could not compile my build through UE, and next to that I got over 400 errors in the scripts (in VS).
After googling answers I “cleaned” and rebuild the VS code, it helped so that I could compile through Unreal Engine again.

But the errors remain in the code. They all seem like no real errors (the code was perfect before) but I believe it just does not reconize the UE standard coding anymore.
The errors only seem to persist in the Header cpp files. No errors in my own files (opendoor &position report).

Samples of .h files are:
function.h, corecrt_math.h, stdio.h, wchar.h, UnrealString.h, corecrt_wstdlib.h etc etc…

Sample Error descriptions are: "missing ;", “expected a ;”, “this declaration has no storage class or type specifier”, "Cannot open source file “initializer_list” … and many more.

In Sourcetree it tells me the following files are removed:

I do have these files in my folder:
".Browse.VC" (371MB)
".Solution.VC" (13MB)

Does anyone know how I can get VS to reconize my the UE coding again?

I had a similar issue. I had to uninstall Windows Kit 10 and 8.1 and install them again. To be safe I restarted my machine after uninstalling. Hope it helps.

Sorry for the late reply. Yes I fixed it by regenerating the game files and reinventing the headerfiles… After the 4.16 update allot of things changed so I needed to update that too. Thanks for your help!