Help on enviroment texturing

Hi all,

I want to build a small game set at a real location that is about 3-5 miles away from my house. It’s a memorial for a US Airbase here in the UK from WW2. I plan to make it some kinda info-type first person walk around thing. I want to do it for the fun of it and to help me learn UE4 as I go along. I’m using blender to create the models but I’ve already hit a wall whilst trying to workout how to texture the road. I don’t know how to texture the road so it looks somewhat like the actual location.

I don’t have access to a drone so can’t go and take aerial shots. I do have a DSLR but no way of easily suppending it above the road to take pictures to use for texturing and would also need to make it tileable. The link below should link to a google photos album of the location in question however they’re off my motorcycle at the location I don’t think I have any of it without a subject in shot:

As you can hopefully see in the pictures there’s the road then also a lay-by either side. The lay-by next to the memorial seems to be same material as the road just worn as in probably was laid down same time the road was however the lay-by on the other side is newer and so can see the seam between the road and the tarmac of the lay-by.

How would I go about creating that seam realistically especially as it doesn’t go all the way along the entire road, only up to grass verges? Also how do I go about creating a road texture similar to the road in the images with the darker areas near the middle and edges etc whilst being able to have it cover the whole of the road mesh so I assume would still have to be tileable, in which case how do I not make it look tiled?