[Help][Noob]How to configurate Visual Studio 2017 correctly

Hi guys, I’m starting to study the video tutorials about UE4 and the documentation, i’m watching the TwinStickShooter tutorial, I have already configured Visual Studio 2017 by reading the documentation but it not work very well

1- I cannot build the code, i click Build/ Run Code but nothing is happening…(indeed when i open the class in blueprint mode i cannot see my new variables)

2- The solution configuration and platforms are locked :frowning:

3- The colors in the code are differents, and i cannot see the aid :frowning:

Thanks Guys i hope in your help

Open the VS 2017 installer again and make sure you have these packages installed:

  • Game dev for c++
  • Desktop dev for c++
  • Desktop dev for .net
  • Windows 8.1 SDK under individual components