Help - no project files opening!

Hi, not sure which forum to post this in.

I rebooted my machine last night, and now none of my UE projects are opening. I only have 4.22.1 installed, and the projects were all made in that version.

I get the message ‘The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version’ and a list of modules. It asks if I want to rebuild, but clicking Yes then fails with a ‘Try rebuilding from source manually’ message.

I can’t even create a new project - the message appears as it loads for the first time.

I don’t think it’s anything to do with our office antivirus, but I’ve added the project folders as an antivirus exception just in case.

What’s going on - is there a solution?!

Did you check if your SSD or HDU are working correctly? Scan for corrupted sectors with the manufacturer diagnostic tools.

All scanned, no errors… I’m wondering if a re-install of Unreal might do the job, or would that be unwise?

Something caused the project files corruption. It could be an hardware issue or a software bug or it might be a virus too. Did you test the RAM with MemTest86 or MemTest86+ too? Defective RAM usually causes files corruption with read/write access.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed UE, and now all works fine. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue. Losing a project is a nightmare. Thanks for sharing your solution as well. =)