Help Needed With Texturing Basics Please

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started to develop as a hobby and am learning everything through Google, YouTube and various forums so far.

I’ve built some 3D models using SketchUp, exported them as .obj files, imported them into Maya and Merged the vertices (because for some reason SketchUp doesn’t have the vertices of models connected) and re-exported the models as .obj files ready for texturing.

To make life A LOT easier I’m using a FANTASTIC piece of software called UV Layout which makes UV Unwrapping models so quick and easy that it’s quite ridiculous lol

But I’m not sure what the best practice is with texture maps. Is it best to sew all of the pieces together, all of the pieces that will have the same material applied to it together or not to sew pieces together at all…?

I’m planning using Substance Painter and Substance Designer to apply the textures once I have the UV Unwrapping done if that makes any difference in how I should go about things.

Many thanks in advance for any help! :smiley: