Help needed ! UE 4 branch Version controlling because of bugs

Hi Dev Team, I currently was on unreal engine 4.25 branch pulled from github… using git clone --single-branch -branch 4.25 and I was using that since 1 week… But as VS code has a intellisense bug with 4.25 which is fixed in 4.26…I switched to 4.24 branch and ran .Generate… and make and got it working however 4.24 has a bug with mesa which was fixed in 4.25 and I cant use 4.25 because of Vs code intellisense…

I decided to go for the 4.26 branch from github but as that branch is changing everyday as its in active development how can I keep up with latest changes do I have to run the ./ ./ and make command everytime I pull ?? How can I use the 4.26 branch and keep updating it with updates in the same branch… also If you can backport the vscode fix in 4.25 that will solve my every issue…as its fixed in 4.26 branch :frowning: Thanks and Regards…

The fix might not get backported to 4.25. You could look at the pull request and integrate that to 4.25. Or you could for now use some other ide till official release of 4.26.
4.26 is very unstable as it is in development and you should not use it for any active projects. It crash every few minutes with terrain loaded because of some issues with new niagara plugins in development.

This commit fix was done in may and still not been implemented in 4.25 please I request the devs to make this commit in 4.25 github branch (not the release branch) but the one which is still getting updates :frowning:

try to get the specific commit to you local reposity with cherry pick command. git cherry-pick hash-of-the-commit. Get the hash from the link you specified.

eg git cherry-pick 1e34v489v94445v45-this-is-only-an-example