Help Needed on Deciding A City

Hey there Everyone.
I’m gonna try to make this short and sweet.
So me and my friends who are quite decently experienced in game development have decided to make an open world game…more like gta.
So we are still deciding on the city (from actual world) for the game and we couldn’t actually settle on one…so yeah. We need your suggestions for a city. We are not planning to replicate the city but only take inspirations from it.
Requirements :

  1. Should be a decent Metropolis.
    2.Should have beaches or be near the sea,ocean etc.
  2. Probably have some mountains nearby.
    4.Have a pier or a port or something like that.
    5.And a lot other.

You don’t generally have to meet all the requirements to suggest the city…but if you could check some of the boxes…it would be a great help.


If you’re only going to take inspiration from it, don’t worry about picking 1 in particular.

If you’re looking to get the feel of just that city, it should probably be one that 1 or more of your artists/designers have spent time in. A city close to you is probably the best choice, and then you can go do research if needed for the art and design.

Hong Kong:
Sleeping Dogs didn’t really capture it.
Too much warehouse district lock-in…
Include the scenic side looking down over the skyscrapers.
Have Ferry shootouts / Cable-Car bloodfests to Big-Budda.

Often overlooked in favor of NY etc, but a class setting.
Watchdogs had a go at it, but didn’t really nail it either…
Set parts of the game inside the dramatic skyscrapers!

Full on killfests inside and surrounding the Burj Khalifa.
Intense battles going over the rollercoaster sand dunes.

Shootouts & fast chases using the built-up bridges, canals, streets…

Hitman style missions set in traditional Japanese / Temples & Gardens.

Hong Kong and Dubai have a lots of potential

Thanks for the suggestions and advice. It means a lot for the support.
I looked into all the places suggested and have selected a few spots from them.
I have got the ideas and will be discussing with my colleagues. Then i will prepare a map for the city.
The map should be done in a week and a half at the max.
PS: I am still open to suggestions.

Just to add, lots of games cheat and draw on many locations to make mini-cities.
Mini-Italy, mini-China, Mini-London, but sparingly to avoid a patchwork from hell.
You can also look to your favourite attractions or tourist hotspots to steal ideas…

Always check what others are doing too, the AQP Project draws on Machu Picchu…
And don’t limit yourself to GTA gameplay, as its getting old, build on it, go further.

Personally I think Driver-San Francisco is probably still the best looking ‘cheat’ city.
GTA-V had nothing new & Watchdogs didn’t deliver either, despite the cool concept.