Help needed getting the proper floor height

Hello everyone

I’m a complete noob with Unreal but very seasoned with 3D graphics generally. My DCCs are Maya, Modo and ZBrush.

I’m working on my first Arch-Viz project for the Vive and I have a problem. I have modelled a ground floor apartment which has an outside garden area which is at 0 on the Z (Height) axis. My interior floor level is 200mm higher than that but I can’t get the floor level to change. I have tried adding a collision plane on my floor object but it makes no difference.

I’ve started from the VR template which comes with 4.1.3 and I’d like to know where the floor height is set or defined in that template. I’d also like to delete a lot of the scene props but it seems when I delete certain ones, I lose the ability to teleport which I can’t understand at all since I’m just deleting meshes (I think). What are the things in the outliner which I absolutely cannot delete if I wish to retain all the VR functionality in my scene while clearing out all the superfluous stuff?

I’d really appreciate any help…I’m going round in circles and finding it all a bit frustrating.

Many thanks

OK, Answered my own question…Needed to use a blocking volume for my floor.