[HELP] My Enums are not doing anything - what am I doing wrong

I am trying to make a bat and ball game.

I have set up an Enum containing [Level1, Level2, Level3].

In the Ball BP, when Event Destroyed calls SpawnNewBall from the Player BP


In the PlayerBP, I have an active check for the ball actor, when not active the ball spawns at the default location (a vector arrow I have placed by the player pawn’s feet - PaddleArrow).

When I get passed Level1, I want the ball to spawn at a different arrow (HandArrow) that I have placed at the player pawn’s hand (SheildArrow).

At the spawn event thingy I have set up a branch with the enum != Level1 telling it to spawn at HandArrow location


When the ball is destroyed, the ball always spawns at the Foot arrow. In fact, whatever I set the initial spawn point to, that is where it gets spawned.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?