[HELP] My Character Suddenly Can't Move Properly

Sorry if this is in the totally wrong place, I was kind of confused as to what section this should go in.

I am currently working on a first person game where the player simply walks around a house and is able to open doors and interact with stuff and various events trigger. Also its the kind of first person where the player camera is attached to the player model, rather than being a disembodied camera. I loaded up my project and everything was working fine. Player could walk around and do everything. I decided I want to learn how to make cinematics so I could make a simple animation of a camera moving so that when the game starts the camera moves into the position of the player’s starting position.

I made a cinematic and a cine camera and moved them into the map. I made the animation for the camera, and moved the player model to where it would need to be. I then went in to walk around with the player and suddenly everything was broken. The player could maybe walk in one direction, couldn’t jump, it was as if there was invisible collision, but I checked by showing collision in the viewport and nothing was there. I tried deleting all the cinematic stuff and that didn’t fix anything. I also tried deleting the player and bringing the player back in and that didn’t fix it, except now after doing that, the player instantly teleports way outside the house and can walk normal but when I try to walk close to the house, it’s like the player hits a really weird invisible wall. Still, I checked and there’s no actual collision there. I also made zero changes to any blueprints or code during this period.

I really hope someone can help because I’m a couple hundred hours into this project.