HELP: Mixing Translucent & Masked Materials together

Ok, I feel like I’m missing something really basic here.

I have this sandbox model. I want to have it so that the whale part is opaque and still shiny.
But at the same time I want the water part to be translucent and shiny too.

Here is my opacity map

opacity map.JPG

Here is my attempt to set up a masked 2 sided material:



The whale looks great but the water ‘disappears’

Here is the materials set up to by translucent 2 sided:



As you can see I’m loosing the shininess and the entire model becomes translucent instead of just the water part.

Any ideas?

Split your model to two different elements.

Kalle-H - That’s a good suggestion!

Now I’ve got this:


There’s gotta be a way to get the translucent material to look shiny too but the roughness and metallic properties are greyed out.


You have to change the Lighting Mode under the Transluncency tab to be “Surface Transluceny Volume”. This is good for glass and water type materials. It’ll enable the inputs you need in the material.

Tim - wow thanks that worked! Now to work on adding the sand & toys! :slight_smile: