Help me reduce the engine size

Hi there. I have built the engine from source. I do not intend to modify the source any further, at least not recently. Now the whole thing is taking appox 40GB of disk space. I am in kind of shortage of space on my ssd. So I must reduce the size.
I searched a bit and knew that I can delete the intermediate folder. still it is around 31GB. If I install from official launcher, its just around 10-15GB, so there must be additional 15-20GB of space I can free. Which are those? The “.obj” files? The “.pdb” files?
Please shed some light on this.

When building anything from source, there are always assorted dependencies that increase the size. You can’t remove them as they are required - I’m afraid your best bet is to move it to another partition if you want that space so badly.

Normally the pdb files are required for debugging, as I will not modify the source anytime soon, I guess I can remove them, they take too much space overall. A confirmation on this would help me.
Then all the git related files as seen in the image given below,
I guess those are not necessary too.

Then a forum and answerhub search led me to delete this “intermediate” folder.
On the same directory, there is a folder named “source”. I wonder what it is for, if I do not intend to modify the source? Bear in mind though, I will use mostly c++ instead of blueprint in gamecode.

Now lets see what windirstat says:
Almost 19.5GB worth of space was taken by pdb and obj. As for as I know, those objects(.obj) files are intermediate executable files generated by the compiler. The final exe is built with the help of those .obj files. Unless there will be recompilation later involving those object files when I built the gamecode, do we need those object files?

I would very much love to know the details regarding this issue.