Help me. for music visualization plug-in(kor student)

**All statements using the Google Translator. Please note.

Good morning. I am a 20-year-old college student in Korea.

During studying the Unreal Engine has been exposed to music visualization plug-in recent years.

Then just download the plugin very interesting mind once and I want to try the installation. Do not run.

Version 4.10 is an example only because no engine version was also downgraded to 4.10.

Plug-in path :

Attach photos.

RED BOX = Fix the producers have created the project path and my path changed.


I just downloaded the 4.10 version of the Unreal example as project files, which run do not understand why it happens to crash.

Perhaps you would want to ask these people if you use this plugin.
Is Using this plug-in is the part that I need to edit the source files and header files in C ++ projects?

If so … really it will be a nightmare.
I am just now finishing the C language, C ++ beginners starting the study.

Unreal engine is really the best engine.
Lotta also because the functionality is really there are too many amount learn all this and not sure where to start well here comes a sense.
No matter the learning content can be seen images I stuck to throw into a little more depth min, to get there.

We will need a lot of help.

thank you.