Help me fix the collision for my character's clothing

Hello folks. I’ll get right to it.

I’m trying to make the lower part of my character’s coat to hang like clothing, only when I do it’s pushed out over the mesh’s collision box.
I have googled back and forth but can’t find a way to fix it.
Can I edit the collision somehow? Can I remake it on my own in Blender? If so do I need to keyframe every animation?

It works if I set the collision on the clothing a negative value, however then it doesn’t collide with the legs as I want it to. By the way, I’m using the experimental ClothPaint tool since I couldn’t wrap my head around the APEX software.

Please help me, this has kept me up for too long.

when you say “character collision” do you mean the mesh collision or the physics asset collision?

Its the physics asset you gotha edit to get the clothing collision to work.

Oh, so this got posted eventually.

I managed to solve it!

What I wanted was to change the PhysicsAsset to change how the clothes interacted with the body of my character and I succeeded by making changes to my rig and then importing it when making clothing.

Dear N**issekaka, i have the same problem. My cloth doesn’t want to fall down and follow the leg correctly. Can you explain how did you have modified your rig?Thanks!**