HELP making a plugin


i created a blueprintFunctionLibrary in C++ and some blueprints how can i package this in a plugin?

thanks in advance,

Use plugin wizard to make a plugin (this is to avoid long explanation how to start up plug in :p) it is plugin by it self so enable it if you have it disabled. This will create plugin inside the project directory, then you just cut and paste code files you wan to be in plug-in and regenerate VS project files (right click uproject file and option should be there) all plugins in project are included in VS project too and plugins inside game project are build with game project.

The code in engine is put inside mdoules, regardless if they are in engine code, game project or plugin they will function the same way, because all modules are treated the same regardless where they are. So just by coping code as long all depncies are meet the code will work. Plugin in project will only work in game project, to make plugin work in all projects copy it’s directory to engine directory where the rest of plugins are, plugins over there build with the engine, but if you build plugin binaries in game project they should work in engine directory too.

You can read up[ more about plugins here:

To contain blueprints or any other assets plugin needs to have a CanContainContent bool in uplugin to be true:

if i search for plugin wizard i don’t find anything.