Help: Leap-Motion Collision Issue

Hi Devs,

currently I try to create a button which will be triggered by a box-trigger. As soon as the Leap Motion / “floating hands” will overlap the box-trigger, a animation will be played. Everything works fine, except the collision of floating-hands and the button itself. At the moment I can reach through the button, there is no collision.

Is it possible to stop the floating-hands from going through the button? I tried to set the collision to BlockAll (both floating-hands mesh and button itself) but without success. Think about an iPad for example, you can touch it, but your hands dont get throught the iPad itself. Sorry for my strange english :smiley:


We would generally recommend against overriding user-driven hand motion, for some of the same reasons that you should never override user-driven head motion – it’s really disconcerting and breaks presence.