Help: Landscape Material layering issues

Argh. I followed Advanced Landscape Material | Tutorial | Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube to a T. From what I’ve read and watched, everything made sense. I understood what he was doing and why.

But then when my shaders compiled, I only had one type of texture. My mud and grass just had a color change, the textures never changed. The 6 textures I’ve used are vastly different. I used 2 for Rock, 2 for Mud and 2 for Grass. Even my material preview in the editor shows 3 balls, identical except for the colors. His didn’t look like that, the ones I’ve made which were basic with Virtus never did this.

I’ve tried to debug as much as I could. I thought, maybe I needed separate Landscape Coordinates, so i set up 3 seperate ones. Didn’t change anything. I thought maybe I was sending too much info through the Macro Variations, so I deleted them altogether, nothing changed(have since put them back in). I researched through the forums, saw something cool about using Sampler Source: Shared Wrap, so i flicked that on, nothing changed.

I’ve made basic ones before, with just 3 textures, but they look so bad, I really wanted to start using advanced ones and using the Grass Tool instances. Please help me.