Help: Landscape Material Issues

Running into a strange issue I haven’t been able to find a solution too (I’m a newbie).

Trying to paint a landscape and got my material all set up and applied, preview weights set, layerinfo created, etc. - but no color/normal info showing on the preview thumbnails for the layers, which isn’t allowing me to paint anything on the landscape.

The strange thing is that is shows the thumbnails properly when the shader is compiling after I make a change in the editor, but once it’s finished there’s nothing.

I’ve looked high and low for what’s going on, but even tutorials and everything haven’t accounted for this happening, so not sure what’s going on? Assuming maybe something to do with the blend type on the shader layers? But tried messing with that already to no avail.

Any ideas?

Your textures layers in your layer blend nodes must be set to height blend (instead of weight blend). :wink: